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Utilizing The 5 Best Moves In Golf

Although sometimes portrayed as a daunting sport that requires intense concentration (not to mention self-control from throwing your clubs in a lake), golf is easier to learn and excel at than one might think. With these five simple actions, you too can become an excellent golfer. The first action I will discuss is that of […]

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Proper Golf Grip-How To Grip The Club To Make An Effective Swing

What is the proper golf grip?  Simply, having the right golf grip is probably one of the most important aspects of the golf technique because if you get this part wrong, the rest of your swing is already shot.   Very simply, if you do get the golf grip right, even if you do a lot […]

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Beginners Guide to Putting

As you can imagine, one of the most important things that you can do to improve your golf game is improve your putting skills.  While it may seem impossible, simply practicing and working to improve a few minor things will greatly improve your skills.  Once you have learned what you need to do, practice the skills […]

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